April 2016

NEWS - 22Apr16 Searching For A Global Leader In Tailings And Mine Waste Consulting With A Team Based In Peru

Searching for a Global Leader in Tailings and Mine Waste Consulting with a Team Based in Peru?

Sustainable water management is critical in modern mining operations in Peru and South America. The exceptional natural and cultural diversity of the Andean region, that ensures the challenges and approaches to managing water on one mine can be extremely different to another, is mirrored by the diversity of experience of the water and tailings management consultants at ATC Williams.

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NEWS - 7Apr16 Thickened Tailings In The Philippines

Thickened Tailings in the Philippines

For the last two years, ATC Williams has been working on the development of an innovative residue storage facility (RSF) at the Batangas Gold Project in the Philippines for Red Mountain Mining. The project has an operational mine life of 10 years. The site presents significant challenges as it has high tropical rainfall and is located in an active seismic zone.

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NEWS - 7Apr16 Research And Development In Geotechnical Engineering Of Tsf

Research and Development in Geotechnical Engineering of Tailings Storage Facilities

At ATC Williams we have a strategic focus on research and innovation that addresses the challenges of our main stream business tailings and water management for mining industries. This has resulted in great outcomes for our mining clients by providing innovative and competitive solutions. Over the past three decades we have initiated and carried out a number of research projects in collaboration with universities and research institutes.

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