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Cost efficient water management system in mining processes based on thickened tailings

Charles Vuillier, Principal Engineer and ATC Williams’ strategic business development leader, visited our Peru office in July this year, and was given the opportunity to present a paper at a conference in Lima on 'Cost efficient water management systems in mining processes based on thickened tailings'.

Some of the key messages of the paper were;

  • to encourage the consideration of a variety of tailings and water management options such as conventional, thickened, paste and filter tailings at the start of a project,
  • consider the future price of water which is likely to grow significantly, and
  • adopt as much as possible flexible solutions to help face rapid changes in the market.

The conference was organised by the Canadian Peruvian Chamber of Commerce. This conference is part of a series focusing on "Tecnologia e Innovacion en la Reduccion de agua en procesos mineros. Recuparacion y Reutilizacion del agua - eficiencia medioambiatal".

During the conference Barbara Bruno, Javier Ochoa and Charles Vuillier welcomed many companies at the ATC Williams booth to discuss efficient water and tailings management solutions for mining operations and projects. Thanks go to Javier for assisting in translation through the paper presentation.

For more information contact Charles Vuillier via email or phone +61 435 087 562.