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Appropriate Earthquake Loads for Design of Embankment Dams

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Project Profile: Sunrise Dam Tailings Storage CTD 1999–2020 (+)

Read how this TSFs early use example of central thickened discharge (CTD) has undergone lifecycle en…

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Introducing Seismologists, Sarah Moein and Gary Gibson

We welcome Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Sarah Moein to the Melboune office and learn why she left a…

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Innovative and Significant Project Involvement

  1. Aktogay, Kazakstan, KAZ Minerals 2009 – The study was for a total of 1000 Mt of tailings (25 Mtpa for 40 years), to be placed by the central thickened discharge method
  2. Chuquicamata, Chile ,Codelco, 2015 – basic design of the transport and deposition system for the world´s largest tailings disposal scheme
  3. Freeport , Indonesia, Freeport McMoRan, 2015 – Concept study for a pyrite tailings sub-aqueous deposition in 20 Mtpa tailings throughput.
  4. Batangas, Philippines, Red Mountain, 2014 – Innovative cross valley thickened tailings storage facility in this high rainfall and seismic region.
  5. Sar Cheshmeh, Iran, NICICO, 2011 – Design of the largest installation of paste thickeners in the world for tailings production.
  6. Nochoon / Dareh Zaar, Iran , Nicico, 2011– Innovative investigation for the foundation of a dam on weakly cemented sands.
  7. Tailings Beach Slopes Research Project, Australia, 2007 – One of our student thesis was recognized by examiners as “work that is of the highest merit at the forefront internationally in its field, as well as strongly competitive at an international level”
  8. El Teniente, Chile ,Codelco, 2006 – Implementation of an innovative method including paste thickening of a proportion of the total feed to the storage area.
  9. Benambra rehabilitation, Australia , DPI, 2006 – ATC Williams won the National Case Award for “Environmental Excellence”
  10. Mangoola Coal Mine , Australia , Glencore 2006 – ATC Williams introduced a new approach in pump station technology resulting in significant cost savings while minimizing environmental impact.
  11. Rosebery Mine , MMG, 2005 – Investigation resulting is extending the life of a tailings storage facility 9 years beyond its predicted life.
  12. Aitik Mine, Sweden , Boliden Minerals, 2002 – Evaluation of thickened tailings stacking for Europe’s largest open cut copper mine
  13. Sar Cheshmeh, Iran , NICICO, 2000 – Innovative waterproofing system in a high seismicity region
  14. WRP Mineral Sand, Australia , Iluka, 2000 – modification to drillings technique to successfully sample difficult soils.
  15. Miduk Copper Mine , NICICO, 2000 – Implementation of world first new technology resulted in significant water savings.
  16. Sunrise Dam, Australia , Anglo Gold Ashanti Australia Limited, 1998 – One of the first Central Thickened Discharge scheme designed and constructed in Australia.
  17. Peak Gold Mine, Australia, 1990 – Following research program, more accurate beach slope prediction resulted in substantial cost savings in earthwork and site relocation avoidance.

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