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Just one word (on recycling)

You may have heard all about China’s National Sword policy revealing that much of Australia’s (and the rest of the developed world’s) recycling targets were only being achieved via export of recyclables.

Rowan Cossins, a Principal Engineer in our Brisbane office, recently wrote an analysis piece on this issue, which is both a looming crisis and potential opportunity - published in April edition of ‘Inside Waste’ magazine. You can read it here.

The question raised by the article is this: do we build/modify local paper and plastic mills, and subsidise demand, or simply keep relying on the hope of an efficient global market? It’s questions of who will win, lose and pay, and how much we value recycling as a community service and as an alternative to landfill. These are deeply political judgement calls that will be made in months, not years.

For further discussion with Rowan, you can contact him at