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Preliminary Environmental Risk Assessment of Eight Operating and Former Landfill Sites in Queensland


ATC Williams has been commissioned by Lockyer Valley Regional Council in South East Queensland to undertake preliminary environmental risk assessments of eight operating and former landfill sites.

The assessment initially included a review for each site of site history and environmental performance, accessing operational records, historical aerial photography, local geological mapping, and environmental monitoring data. Based on Development Approval conditions, high level remediation concepts for each site were developed, with quantities of work and estimates of cost developed to achieve the conceptual remediation outcomes.

The second phase of the project involved more detailed assessment including test pits to characterise the physical setting of each site, which allowed an informed assessment of such critical aspects as landfill extents, existing closure systems (if existing), and landfill slopes from a slope stability perspective. Analysis was undertaken to identify sensitive receptors (especially sensitive environments such as creeks, and residences), available buffer distances to these receptors, and potential exposure pathways such as storm water, landfill gas and odours.

The third phase of the project included development of risk-based performance criteria for each site, with more detailed remediation concepts developed in compliance with these criteria. Works including capping profiles and storm water drainage layouts, and updated capital cost estimates for each site.

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