Remote Monitoring


Tailings transport is a fundamental part of tailings storage facilities management.It is crucial for any wet tailings management to have a hassle-free and robust designed tailing transportation.If one part of the TSF stops functioning, the mining operation stops. A special ability of ATC Williams is that we have specialists covering every aspect of the tailings’ management; from its inception to the thickening, transport, deposition and consolidation, considering water recovery as well as CAPEX and OPEX.

Wearing, energy consumption and pipeline blockages are all critical challenges to be adequately addressed in the design.Understanding the material rheology is one of the key aspects.The physical and chemical characteristics of the tailings vary inconsistently and need to be monitored often. To address these issues, ATC Williams has created a world class tailings laboratory facility located in Melbourne.It includes a number of specially designed testing apparatus such as:

  • small volume pipe loop testing;
  • pipe blockage, flushing and restarting testing.
We always try to anticipate our clients’ needs. With rapid technological changes being made available to the mining industry, we are about to finalise a solution with a partner, permitting reliable and live collection and transfer of rheological data from remote sites.This data can be continuously monitored by your remote-control centre and our specialists, resulting in reduced wearing, blockages and energy consumption.
Remote Monitoring