Innovation Insight Series

Atc Newsdec20 Muk3D Summ

Using Muk3D in Design Process

Muk3D is a versatile 3D software used for the design and modelling of Tailings Storage Facilities, landfills and bulk-earthwork structures. We explain why and where we use Muk3D to satisfy client expectations.

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Atc Newssept Dambreak Summ

How to approach Dam Break Assessments

Do you need a Dam Break Assessment? We provide a comprehensive outline of the impacts, practices, methods, and project stages for a dam break assessment of new and existing structures.

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Atc News Storage Summ

Storage Schemes and Decision Making

Part Three of our series focusing on water conservation imperatives in the mining industry discusses practical and pragmatic solutions to tailings and water management challenges and outlines the process for decision-making in this area.

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Atc News Landfill Summ 1

Landfill planning that saves

At ATC Williams, we’re on a campaign to improve the quality of landfill operations in Australia. In this Insights article, we look at the issues of poor landfill planning and provide simple solutions to achieve available savings.

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