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Remote Monitoring

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The 21st International Seminar on Paste and Thickened Tailings

This year’s International Seminar on Paste and Thickened Tailings (Paste 2018) was held in Australia’s mining capital, Perth. ATC Williams was a proud sponsor of the event and five engineers from our Melbourne and Perth office’s attended this key event.

Dr. Behnam Pirouz the manager of ATC’s Slurry Transport Services and Dr Sadegh Javadi from our Melbourne office attended the pre-seminar short course titled “Is the Future Filtered?” Other attendees included Morteza Taherian from our Melbourne office and Alpesh Patel, Wesley Lee and Prof. Paul Slatter from our Perth office.

The following engineers actively participated in the seminar;

  • Dr Slatter chaired the second session on transportation.
  • Dr Pirouz presented his paper titled “Stochastic modelling of beach profiles including the influence of thickener performance” co-authored by Keith Seddon and Sadegh Javadi.

Dr Pirouz’s paper presents an extension of previous work by the authors on the subject of stochastic beach profile prediction. Seddon et al (2015) showed that the statistical variability of thickener underflow (in terms of flow rate and solids concentration) could be used in an incremental deposition model to predict realistic beach profiles. Additional statistics of actual thickener performance were presented by Pirouz et al (2017).

The aim of this paper is to demonstrate quantitatively how thickener performance can influence the achieved beach profile in a thickened tailings scheme.

This paper uses a previously generated profile (Seddon et al 2015) as a starting point, and investigates the influence of;

a) increased variability in performance (resulting in greater concavity in the profile), and

b) an overall reduction in achieved underflow solids concentration combined with an increase in throughput (together resulting in greater concavity and an overall flatter profile).

This paper is available to download for free from the ACG’s Online Repository

Australian Centre for Geomechanics | Paste2018 ...

Authors Title Year; Cooling, D: Improving the sustainability of residue management practices Proceedings of the 21st International Seminar on Paste and Thickened Tailings, Paste 2018