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Valuing our future vision

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Some time ago, the Board of ATC Williams took the first courageous steps towards “generational transfer”. With 2021 being the 40th anniversary of the company’s formation, the Board has been resolute in its position that ATC Williams will continue as a significant player in the marketplace well into the future. Empowering the next generation of leaders to guide the business through the next season has been critical to achieving this position.

While the legacy of the company’s founders is firmly embedded in its DNA, ATC Williams has renewed its purpose, goals, and most importantly, its values. Commitment – Agility – Respect – Excellence (CARE) represents the heart of our group. We believe strongly that this reflects our approach to our work, clients and each other.

Aligned with this strategic direction, we continue to increase our visibility. Footprint expansion is occurring, with increased staffing and opening of new operational hubs.

At this time we are excited to introduce our new brand, including a refreshing of our logo, which we believe mirrors the agile, dynamic and vibrant business that we have become over the past 40 years. From 1 July, you’ll notice the brand refresh on correspondence and deliverables, signage and more. A new website is in development, more on that in the next update.

Our foundational purpose moving forward, therefore, is to remain grounded by our past while capturing the vision of the future.

Allan Watson