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Development and Risk Management Considerations for the Talabre CTD Tailings Storage Facility

Carlos Pavissich, our Chile Office Manager presented the following paper at the Tailings 2017 confer…

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Tailings and water management, innovative solutions to a global issue

In line with our workshop “Tailings and water management, innovative solutions to a global issue”, a…

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Forensic Investigation of a Slurry Wall Failure: A Case Study

Dr Behrooz Ghahreman-Nejad authored and presented a paper on “Forensic Investigation of a Slurry Wal…

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Workshop on Tailings and Water Management in Perth

The Perth office hosted a workshop titled "Tailings and water management, innovative solutions to a global issue" at the Iron Ore 2017 conference in Perth. Various consultants and suppliers shared their knowledge and experience. The result was a very holistic view of tailings and water management showing a growing number of solutions available to mining companies facing a more complex environment in terms of legislation, access to water, carbon reduction and interaction with local communities.

We would like to thank John Battista from Mining Plus, Rory Haymont from Trajectory, Greg Short from Tetra Teck and Martin Kressner from TAKRAF AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD. for sharing with us their experience and a special thanks go to Gregory Botha, John Leavy, Claire Gluyas and Charles Vuillier who worked hard to make this workshop unique and innovative.

A copy of the presentations can be provided on request. Please contact Charles Vuillier at