With 33 years experience and over 500 tailings projects in Australia and internationally, our techniques are fine tuned, efficient and designed to meet our clients needs.


Geotechnical Investigation

PROJECT 05 - Peak Gold Mine - Aerial view

Peak Gold Mine, Cobar, New South Wales, Australia

TSF Design, Construction and Operations Assistance

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Tags: Australia, Water Management, Tailings Dams, Water Dams, Tailings Characterisation, Surveillance Audits, Hydrology, Geotechnical Investigation, Beach Slope Prediction

PROJECT 02 - Beyinhar Gold Mine in Inner Mongolia - Geotechnical core samples

Beyinhar Gold Mine, Sonid Zuogi, Inner Mongolia, China

Geotechnical Investigation and Interpretation

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Tags: China, Geotechnical Engineering, Geotechnical Investigation

PROJECT 03 - WRP Mine in Ouyen - The inside of the tailings dam during construction

WRP Mine, Ouyen, Victoria, Australia

Geotechnical Investigation and Pit Slope Design

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Tags: Australia, Geotechnical Engineering, Laboratory Testing, Geotechnical Investigation, Pit Slope Design, Geotechnical Modelling, Foundations, Pavements

PROJECT 04 - Lisheen Mine in Tipperary Ireland - Tailings dam

Lisheen Mine, Templemore, Tipperary, Ireland

TSF Closure Planning

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Tags: Ireland, Tailings Management, Water Management, Tailings Characterisation, Closure Design, Geotechnical Investigation

PROJECT 08 - SCRC Coolum Landfill - SCRC Coolum landfill nearing closure

Coolum Landfill, Yandina Creek, Queensland, Australia

Coolum Landfill

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Tags: Australia, Waste Management, Landfill Engineering, Hydraulic Structures, Environmental, Geotechnical Investigation, Tailings Characterisation, Detailed Design

PROJECT 10 - Gosnells Quarry - Prior to works

Gosnells Quarry Stabilisation, Gosnells, Western Australia, Australia

Quarry Stabilisation at Gosnells

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Tags: Australia, Geotechnical Engineering, Geotechnical Investigation, Ground Improvement, Excavations

PROJECT 11 - Central Highlands Water - Beales dam seepage

Central Highlands Water – Dams Condition Assessment, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

Central Highlands Water – Dams Condition Assessment

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Tags: Australia, Water Management, Water Dams, Dam Safety, Geotechnical Investigation