With 33 years experience and over 500 tailings projects in Australia and internationally, our techniques are fine tuned, efficient and designed to meet our clients needs.



PROJECT 05 - Peak Gold Mine - Aerial view

Peak Gold Mine, Cobar, New South Wales, Australia

TSF Design, Construction and Operations Assistance

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Tags: Australia, Water Management, Tailings Dams, Water Dams, Tailings Characterisation, Surveillance Audits, Hydrology, Geotechnical Investigation, Beach Slope Prediction

PROJECT 06 - Reedy Creek Landfill - Linings being installed during construction phase

Reedy Creek Landfill, Reedy Creek, Queensland, Australia

Landfill and Associate Infrastructure Design

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Tags: Australia, Waste Management, Detailed Design, Construction Support, Regulatory Liaison, Hydrology, Waste Strategies, Landfill Engineering, Lining Systems

PROJECT 16 - Mt Rawdon Gold Mine - Tailings dam

Mt Rawdon Gold Mine, Mt Perry, Queensland, Australia

TSF Development, Construction Assistance, Seepage Management and Dam Safety Review

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Tags: Australia, Tailings Management, Tailings Dams, Life of Mine Concepts & Options, Detailed Design, Construction Support, Surveillance Audits, Hydrology, Hydraulic Structures