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Slurry Transport Systems

PROJECT 21 - Sar Cheshmeh Mine in Iran - ATC Williams staff with a sign proudly bearing our name

Sar Cheshmeh Mine, Sar Cheshmeh, Iran

National Iranian Copper Industries Corporation (NICICO) Project

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Tags: Iran, Slurry Transport, Life of Mine Concepts & Options, Detailed Design, Construction Support, Construction Documentation, Slurry Characterisation, Rheology, Slurry Transport Systems

PROJECT 20 - Chuquicamata Copper Mine in Chile - Pump station

Chuquicamata Slurry Transport, Calama, Northern Chile

Chuqicamata Thickened Tailings Transport System Basic Engineering Design

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Tags: Chile, Slurry Transport, Feasibility Studies, Slurry Characterisation, Rheology, Slurry Transport Systems

PROJECT 13 - Andina Mine in Chile - Difficult winter conditions

Andina Mine, Santiago, Chile

Thickened Tailings Transport and Disposal and Associated Water Requirements

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Tags: Chile, Tailings Management, Slurry Transport, Feasibility Studies, Tailings Characterisation, Slurry Characterisation, Slurry Transport Systems, Beach Slope Prediction