Levee Assessment, Victoria, Australia

Bete Bolong (near Orbost), Robinvale, Tyntynder Flats (near Swan Hill), Kerang, Cobram and Wangaratta



The levees have ranged from about 1m to over 5m in height, however the average height is approximately 1.5m.

Most existing levees investigated have been in poor condition, having been constructed many years ago, often immediately prior to an imminent flood using horses, carts and skips. The soils are usually locally won and are placed in the shape of a levee without moisture conditioning or any formal mechanical compaction. In terms of engineered water retaining structures, the levees are considered to be inadequate. However, they have often stood the test of time and have (just) held back floodwaters at critical times.

When asked to provide recommendations on new levees or major rejuvenation of existing levees, ATC Williams has designed appropriate well engineered structures. This has sometimes not been met with joy from our clients, who simply can’t afford to construct them.


To solve this dilemma, we developed a risk management approach.