Soil Testing, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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ATC Williams recognise the need to understand the materials involved in your project in order to develop uniquely tailored solutions and produce optimal designs at minimum cost. It is this holistic approach that led to ATC Williams establishing our own NATA accredited testing laboratory in Melbourne to achieve efficient solutions and measureable benefits on every design we produce.

ATC Williams also has a proud history of involvement in research and development to support the ever evolving needs of the mining industry and it is our experience from this history that allows us to offer a number of specialised evaluation services to our clients. We can also look to developing new and customised test procedures to meet our client’s needs as necessary.


Soil Testing (to AS1289, ASTM or other localised standards)

The ATC Williams Laboratory is equipped to carry out a full range of standard soil classifications and testing procedures in accordance with AS1289 (The Australian Standard for “Testing of Soils for Engineering Purposes”). We also offer testing to other standard methods such as the international ASTM standard or to your project’s localised standard if that is required.

Couple this with thorough client project liaison and ATC Williams can determine the most appropriate and effective combination of laboratory and field testing necessary to offer maximum support to your individual project needs.

From our laboratory base ATC Williams can also provide a field sampling and testing service. This service includes compaction control via a Nuclear Density Meter, Sand Replacement or Water Replacement, Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) and field permeability testing.

Our range of standard laboratory soil tests include:

  • Liquid limit and plastic limit
  • Linear shrinkage
  • Particle size analysis
  • Particle density (SG)
  • Moisture content
  • Laboratory estimated California Bearing Ratio
  • Soil pH
  • Maximum / minimum density (Vibrating table)
  • Compaction tests: Standard, Modified and Hilf tests
  • Dispersion tests: Double hydrometer - USCS method, Emerson classification, Pinhole apparatus.


ATC Williams is able to offer clients high quality testing with reliable results which can then flow through to utilise each project’s potential and maximise design. This holistic approach is financially beneficial to clients, allows for better timeliness during the life of a project and assists in predicting any potential issues on site right from the start.