Specialist laboratory testing and characterisation of slurries, focused on defining the design parameters, finding optimized design for slurry transport system, troubleshooting existing systems which enables savings in costs, water and energy for our clients.
4  Slurry Option 1
4  Slurry Option 1

Slurry Engineering

Our Slurry Engineering Group provides specialist laboratory testing, along with leading design and project optimisation services, for slurry transportation systems. Slurry engineering is an integral part of tailings and water management systems throughout the life of any mining project. The Slurry Engineering Group within ATC Williams has been created specifically to optimise and formalise this service for our clients.

Our international reputation in this area has been built by our many years of working experience in this field. Research and innovation development also plays a significant part in our business practices, with ATC Williams continuing to support and fund research specific to tailings and all of its associated aspects, thus enabling us to further benefit your projects with new and constantly evolving engineering methods.

Based in our Melbourne Head Office, our Slurry Engineering Group focuses on:

  • Specialist laboratory testing for characterisation of slurries including Bob & Cup viscometry, pipe loop testing, estimation of particles segregation threshold limits, deposition velocity, transition velocity, minimum transport velocity, minimum slope for gravity transport in pipe and open channel and pipeline wear rates
  • Design and analysis of slurry transport systems including project costing and equipment selection and sizing requirements
  • Assessment, analysis and troubleshooting of existing slurry systems
  • Open channel and free surface slurry flow analysis
  • Design to realise savings in all areas including financial, water and energy requirements
  • Thickened tailings beach slope prediction and discharge strategies into the storage space
*See above illustration for further detail of each stage.

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Key People

Behnam Pirouz

Behnam Pirouz

Principal Engineer - Melbourne

T. +61 3 8587 0900

Sadegh J

Sadegh Javadi

Senior Associate - Melbourne

T. +61 3 8587 0900