Our continued goal is to create smarter, better storage solutions that meet our client goals and offer both economic and environmental advantages.
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Tailings Management
Scoping & Feasibility Studies

  • Project scoping & options studies
  • Tailings dewatering & storage optimisation studies
  • Tailings deposition & dry stacking arrangements
  • Conceptual (Life of Mine) studies
  • Prefeasibility & Feasibility studies
  • Assistance with environmental and social impact assessments
  • Water management
  • Slurry transport

Tailings Management
Geotechnical Investigation & Tailings Characterisation

  • Laboratory testing
  • In-situ tailings testing
  • Tailings geochemical characterisation
  • Geological mapping & modelling
  • Geotechnical investigation for:
  • Design of embankment dams and earth structures
  • TSF Cover Design
  • Assessment of foundation conditions
  • Assessment of groundwater conditions
  • Liquefaction assessment
  • Assessment of tailings in-situ density & strength profiles

Tailings Management
Detailed Design

  • Tailings & water retaining embankment dams
  • Tailings storage facilities
  • Dry stacking facilities
  • Risk assessment based design
  • Numerical modelling of earth structures (ie FLAC)
  • Deposition planning and construction staging
  • Tailings beach profile evaluation
  • Water balance modelling
  • Hydrology and hydraulic design
  • Seepage interception & lining system design
  • Process water return system design
  • Slurry transport & basic engineering
  • Project management
  • Tender and construction documentation
  • Regulatory authority liaison

Tailings Management

  • Construction support services comprising:
  • Design engineer hold-point inspections
  • Provision of site engineers for technical support
  • Earthworks quality control testing
  • Construction reporting & certification
  • Regulatory authority liaison

Tailings Management
Ongoing Operation

  • Operation & Maintenance Manuals
  • Dam Safety & Emergency Response plans
  • Dam safety and facility operation training of site personnel
  • Surveillance auditing & reporting
  • Storage filling rates reconciliation & predictions
  • Tailings laboratory & field testing
  • Water balance modelling and management
  • Storage upgrade & expansion design
  • Regulatory authority liaison

Tailings Management
Closure & Site Rehabilitation

  • Cover system design options & optimisation studies
  • Planning and management of geotechnical investigations
  • Derivation & assessment of tailings strength profiles and geochemical characteristics
  • Design of single/multi-layered cover systems
  • Numerical analysis of seepage and oxygen flux through cover systems
  • Cover system stability (geotechnical and geochemical)
  • Final landform design
  • Water management
  • Design and management of field trials
  • Cover system instrumentation & monitoring
  • Construction support and regulatory liaison
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Tailings Management

Our Tailings Group (formerly Australian Tailings Consultants) has built an international reputation encompassing all aspects of mine tailings management, including tailings testing and characterisation, thickening and dewatering, transport, storage and embankment design, technical assistance during construction, surveillance and auditing, closure and water management. The company is actively involved in continued research into tailings behaviour, primarily through support of post-graduate studies supervised by world-class scholars.

The effective management of mine tailings follows the complete mining life cycle and consists of several distinct steps, namely:
  • Scoping and feasibility studies
  • Geotechnical investigation and tailings characterisation
  • Detailed design
  • Construction
  • Ongoing operations
  • Closure and site rehabilitation

*See above illustration for further detail of each stage.

Clients can partner with ATC Williams at any stage of the mining life cycle. We offer a large range of services from conventional to tailor made innovative solutions, using a mix of traditional and latest technologies, including thickened and filtered tailings. Our experience covers a wide range of ore types, including but not limited to bauxite / red-mud, coal, copper, diamonds, gold, iron-ore, industrial minerals, lead / zinc, mineral sands, nickel, phosphate, uranium, washed sand and dredge residues.

ATC Williams pioneered the introduction of the Central Thickened Discharge System in Australia and is an acknowledged world leader in this method. We operate a NATA accredited testing laboratory in Melbourne, to carry out specialised testing procedures of mine tailings. We also have an extensive suite of in-situ testing and investigation techniques, as well as a range of leading software packages for the analysis and design of tailings storage facilities.

Over the years, ATC Williams has developed close working relationships with experts in allied fields such as thickening and filtration technologies, seismic risk studies, in-situ testing for liquefaction analysis and geochemical testing.

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