Your goals are our goals

We’re committed to facilitating the delivery of your projects to meet your goals. Working with many mining companies over the years allows us to assist you in finding a solution for your different circumstances. We listen to the needs of our customers and our experienced engineers have built long term relationships for over 15 years. Find below some of the ways our company can adapt our goals to yours.

Efficiency is our number one priority

  • We listen to your goals.
  • A team with the right skills and experience is assigned to you.
  • A solid review process ensures the most appropriate solution.
  • Your budget is also our priority.
  • All our in house experience focuses on adding value.
  • This efficiency is supported by our in-house unique laboratory facility.

Communication is key

  • Clear and regular communication is an integral part of every project.
  • Stage 1 of every project is to listen and understand our clients goals, objectives and problems.
  • Allocate appropriate engineer that will understand and communicate efficiently with key stakeholders and technical engineers at any level.
  • Direct line of communication to our senior and most experienced engineers.
  • Regular client meetings to encourage honest and constructive feedback.
  • Internal review and communication ensures designs are optimised to ensure maximum financial benefit for our client.
  • Talk to us. This facility opens up the lines of communication for clients.
  • Debriefing at the end of all projects to ensure goals were met.

Partnering with us

  • Alignment of your company goals with our project goals, establishing a true partner.
  • Management strategy for sustained performance.
  • Tailor effective processes with each partner, ensuring maximum efficiency.
  • Project KPI's target are set together to ensure key milestones are met.
  • Flexible according to your goals, we can allocate a single engineer or a whole team to your project.
  • We will adapt our team to suit our clients needs and goals.
  • Ongoing support and open communication.
  • Long term partnership allows us to ensure your project and company goals are achieved.