The Groundwork

ATC Williams is leading change in Mongolia

Providing in-country leadership for tailings solutions

Mongolia is a fascinating country steeped in history with a warm and inviting population. From the capital city of Ulaanbaatar to The Gobi Desert in the south to the rolling hills to the north, the country is endowed with many of the essential minerals required for a green economy.





Partnering for best-practice mine waste management

ATC Williams, led by Mark Dillon (Senior Principal), has been active in the Mongolian mining sector since 2017, establishing relationships with universities, industry groups, and government agencies. Along with providing mine waste management services to various mining companies, ranging from the massive Oyu Tolgoi copper mine to the relatively small Bayun Khundii gold project. We have been actively engaging with mining companies in providing best-practice solutions in mine waste management.

During the recent COVID-19 travel restrictions, ATC Williams was able to maintain our in-country services via our local partners.


Services that ATC Williams provides clients in Mongolia, either directly or via our local partners, include:

  • Hydraulic Assessment
  • Geotechnical Investigation
  • Hydrogeology Study
  • Water Balance Modelling
  • Dam Break Analysis
  • Tailings Dam Detailed Design
  • Filtered Tailings Design
  • Integrated waste landform design
  • Site-based QA/QC engineers and technicians

Oyu Tolgoi Tailings Storage Facility (TSF)

At Oyu Tolgoi, ATC Williams initially provided independent design and operational reviews in partnership with MUST (Mongolian University of Science and Technology). Since 2019 we have been engaged as the design engineer for the existing tailings storage facility and a second TSF, soon to be commissioned. Recent studies have included detailed stage designs of the existing facility and concept through to the detailed design of the second facility.


Tasks completed so far include dam break studies, stability and seepage assessments, beach modelling and water balance and site based quality assurance services facilitated by our local partner SoilTrade LLC. The site has complex near-surface geology comprising cretaceous sands and clays. A complex field investigation was completed in 2021 to assess and understand the performance of the fissured clays present at the site. The investigation was managed from Australia and finished by our local Mongolia partners.













Engineering a long-term vision

At ATC Williams, we see a bright future for the Mongolian mining sector. To assist in promoting the ATC Williams brand, we have been working with Austrade via their Excelerate program, which involves introducing our company to local businesses. Mongolia has a well-established tertiary education sector developing the next generation of engineers.


The vision for our continued involvement in Mongolia is to support Mongolian nationals in developing specialist capabilities in mine waste management.


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