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Facility Closure is a critical phase of any mining or resource project, whether it be a mine tailings dam, waste rock dump, water management structure or solid waste landfill. Our approach to closure takes a holistic cradle-to-grave view of the facility, aligning the facility design approach to post-closure performance outcomes centred around cost-efficiency, safety and environmental sustainability.

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The ATC Williams approach to ‘Facility Closure’ focuses on tangible and effective outcomes. When a landform reaches the end of its useful life, the critical decommissioning phase involves a closure strategy that reduces risk to the owner. Timely attention to closure and a cost-effective closure approach combine to reduce holding costs and financial assurance liability.

Our primary service offerings in closure and rehabilitation include:

  • Planning for closure, initiated at the outset or at any project stage
  • Geochemical characterisation of waste materials, particularly mineralised mine tailings or waste rock
  • Risk assessment as a basis for planning and design to achieve a safe and long term sustainable outcome
  • Design of closure capping systems, specialising in capping across soft tailings and other compressible substrate (including landfills)
  • Regulator referrals and approvals
  • Construction support and performance monitoring of closure works


Our facility closure practice draws on the expertise across all service areas.

  • Closure by ATC Williams forms an integral part of our tailings management, water management and waste management services, whereby end-of-life decommissioning and closure forms part of the overall design project.
  • Our ground engineering and material characterisation expertise contributes to creation of practical solutions that maximise the use of local construction material resources and where possible integration into any related site activity, thereby reducing overall cost.
Our specialist capability in facility closure is headlined by the breadth of experience in capping of tailings dams and highlights the combined expertise of our tailings management, ground engineering and material characteristics practices. The mining industry has long acknowledged the closure, capping and rehabilitation of tailings deposits as being problematic. 
For more than 20 years and across over 50 projects, ATC Williams has assisted clients in designing systems for the safe future placement of capping fill materials at minimum cost and minimum environmental exposure.

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ATC Williams’ values drive us to achieve outcomes that uphold the reputation and minimise the financial exposure of our clients.

We therefore partner with our clients to understand specific needs for facility closure and to achieve effective outcomes, drawing on the range of technical skills and experience available to the business.


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Discover our extensive facility closure solutions for mining, resources and government projects around the world.

Rio Tinto
Northern Queensland
A detailed design for the decommissioning of two Tailings Storage Facilities no longer operational (estimated combined area of 150ha) at the Rio Tinto East Weipa bauxite mining operations located in northern Queensland.
Facility Closure, Tailings Management
Australia/New Zealand
Toowoomba Regional Council
Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) were faced with the challenge of meeting regulatory and community expectations regarding the closure and rehabilitation of 28 closed landfill sites as well as rationalising fill-planning for the remaining nine regional operational sites.
Facility Closure, Waste & Resource Recovery
Australia/New Zealand

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