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ATC Williams is built on its geotechnical engineering DNA, historically providing geotechnical solutions to the public and private sectors in mining, transportation, and infrastructure. Geotechnical services by our engineers and allied professionals form a fundamental part of our technical resources across the business.

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The Ground Engineering team at ATC Williams services a direct client base, as well as supporting all our service areas. Our highly competent geotechnical team contributes to the innovation, quality and reliability of our solutions-orientated practice.

The expertise of our Ground Engineering team covers:

  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Engineering geology
  • Hydrogeology and groundwater assessment
  • Seismology and seismic hazard assessment
  • Foundation, basement and retaining system engineering
  • Slope design


Our Ground Engineering offering is highlighted by contributions at all points through any of our project, upholding our values that centre on cost efficiency, safety, and environmental performance.

We offer a complete service resourced by professional experts. The integration of this expertise is highlighted in the areas of:
  • Geotechnical, geological and hydrogeological investigation and site profiling applying to any waste containment or water management structure
  • Specialised insitu and laboratory geotechnical testing to support detailed design analyses
  • Interpretation of engineering parameters across the range of design conditions
  • Installation of specialised ground and groundwater monitoring systems for system monitoring purposes
  • 2D and 3D analysis for stability, displacement or water flow conditions
  • Analysis for static and seismic liquefaction potential 
  • Design of soft ground stabilisation (e.g., tailings surfaces under closure, landfill waste, soft soils)
  • Design of deep seepage cut off systems and foundation grouting for containment systems or other applications

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ATC Williams contributes ground engineering expertise to all projects across the group, as well as offering dedicated geotechnical engineering services to core clients.

Our ability to deliver practical, innovative and safe outcomes to clients in government, mining and resources is aligned to our core geotechnical DNA.


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Discover our extensive ground engineering solutions for mining, resources and government projects around the world.

29Metals Limited
Western Australia
The Golden Grove Mine (Golden Grove) is a copper, lead, silver, zinc and gold mine located approximately 50 km southeast of Yalgoo, Western Australia.
Ground Engineering, Materials Characterisation, Tailings Management
Australia/New Zealand
New South Wales
ATC Williams Pty Ltd performed a site-specific Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment (PSHA) for the Mount Arthur Coal Mine site to update a previous PSHA study prepared in February 2010 by Seismology Research Centre.
Dams Engineering, Ground Engineering, Tailings Management
Australia/New Zealand

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