Golden Grove Tailings Storage Facilities (TSF 1 & TSF 3)

Geotechnical Investigation and Laboratory Testing


29Metals Limited


Western Australia


2019 – Current

Australia/New Zealand

The Golden Grove Mine (Golden Grove) is a copper, lead, silver, zinc and gold mine located approximately 50 km southeast of Yalgoo, Western Australia. Golden Grove is owned and operated by 29Metals Limited (29Metals) with three existing TSFs, specifically TSF 1, TSF 2 (decommissioned) and TSF 3.

— Features and solutions

ATC Williams was engaged in mid-2020 to provide Construction Quality Assurance (CQA), and Quality Control (QC) with respect to Civil Works required to raise TSF 1 (Raise 5) and TSF 3 (Raise 4) embankments. We performed three pre, during and post-construction stages as listed below.

Pre-construction (preparatory):

  1. Prepared Issued for Construction (IFC) Technical Specification and associated Drawings
  2. Facilitated trial pad sample testing and interpretation (incl. assessment of borrow materials for construction)
  3. Reviewed Contractor’s Scope of Work and Construction Management Plan
  4. Prepared a CQA Plan, including QA Inspection Test Plans (ITPs)


  1. Provided full-time on-site technical support and QA over the construction period
  2. Conducted material compliance testing in accordance with the Technical Specification
  3. Design Engineer conducted interim inspections during the construction period
  4. Reviewed and sign-off of Contractors ITPS
  5. Held regular meetings with Superintendent (29Metals) and the Contractor
  6. Provide office-based support, including issuing site instructions, responding to technical queries, and providing recommendations to mitigate non-conformances


  1. The Design Engineer conducted a practical completion inspection
  2. Produced a construction report for each embankment raise, including As-builts Drawings and Certificates of Compliance


  • Site Engineers provided full-time QA/QC oversight for the duration of the works (6 months)

  • Civil Works utilised the existing material stockpiles on site, as far as reasonably practicable

  • QA/QC material compliance testing provided by Site Engineers in accordance with the Technical Specification

  • Civil construction works for TSF 3 Raise 4 and TSF 1 Raise 5 embankments were completed forecasting existing storage capacity was soon to be depleted

  • Certified that the Civil Works had been completed in accordance with the Design Intent, Technical Specification, and Construction Drawings

  • Additional works are ongoing to provide a life of mine tailings storage solution

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