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ATC Williams specialises in engineering of dams in mining applications for storage of tailings and water. Our innovative solutions are created in response to extremes in ground conditions, seismic design criteria, construction materials and climatic setting.

Our unique capability in dams engineering has been achieved through diversity in project delivery around the world.

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Engineering Services

Construction of embankments to provide containment for mine tailings or water management application. We have designed and constructed dam embankments with heights of up to 200 m, utilising soil and rock construction materials, with geosynthetic and other unique membrane lining systems, which highlights the diverse technical capability of our team.

Our Dams Engineering team provides high-calibre expertise for any project, with capability in the full range of dam construction types.

Dam break and failure impact assessment is an important part of the dam design process, supporting assessment of inundation extent, population at risk analysis and Consequence Category assessment for any setting. ATC Williams has state of the art capability for undertaking dam break analyses for both Newtonian and Non-Newtonian fluids.

Engineer of Record and Auditing Specialities

ATC Williams is resourced to provide highly qualified Engineers of Record to the mining industry. As a fundamental part of tailings dam governance, our dams group includes a core of dam engineers possessing well over 20 years’ experience that provide the expertise necessary to exceed industry standard EoR prequalification needs. We act in partnership with clients to ensure high levels of due diligence and industry compliance, critical to ensuring the ongoing safety and security of dam structures.


Our client offering is highlighted by the integration of skills across a range of service areas that directly support our dams engineering team.

Our integrated approach reflects values that centre on cost efficiency, safety, and environmental performance. We offer a complete service resourced by expert professionals.

• Dams engineering expertise is embedded in our tailings management, water management and waste management services
• Our ground engineering and materials characterisation teams provide critical elements and inputs to dams engineering projects
• Our dams engineering practice is supported by a dedicated slurry and mechanical engineering team
• The team provides a full range of dam safety, risk management and emergency response planning services

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We are responsible for the design of over 500 dams in the past 30 years. The depth of our experience provides capacity to work closely with our Clients to deliver effective, safe and quality solutions.


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Discover our extensive dam engineering solutions for mining, resources and government projects around the world.

EMR Golden Grove Pty Ltd
Western Australia
A site-specific Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment (PSHA) to develop a Uniform Hazard Spectrum (UHS) at the bedrock level in accordance with best practice (i.e. ANCOLD, 2019), with annual exceedance probabilities (AEPs) of earthquake return periods.
Dams Engineering, Tailings Management
Australia/New Zealand
New South Wales
ATC Williams Pty Ltd performed a site-specific Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment (PSHA) for the Mount Arthur Coal Mine site to update a previous PSHA study prepared in February 2010 by Seismology Research Centre.
Dams Engineering, Ground Engineering, Tailings Management
Australia/New Zealand
Ravenswood Gold
ATC Williams undertook the detailed design and construction of the Nolans Tailings Storage Facility, which involved the expansion and encapsulation of the existing facility.
Dams Engineering, Tailings Management
Australia/New Zealand

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