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Our Water team provides comprehensive services for water management projects across the mining, resources and government sectors. Combining our diverse engineering capability, we find solutions for the most challenging water management projects.

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Water conservation and sustainability is an embedded value of ATC Williams. We support the shift that is occurring in the philosophy of industry, particularly the mining, agricultural and domestic water supply communities, to share the responsibility for managing the effects of a changing environment.

We focus on the efficiencies that can be achieved through an integrated approach to diversion, capture and consumption of the available water resource. Our experience in some of the driest parts of the world drives our respect for water as a precious commodity. This is countered by concurrent experience in high rainfall regions, where respect for the inherent energy of water upholds our emphasis on safety and environmental protection.

Our specialist expertise encompasses:

  • Catchment yield analysis
  • Geomorphological assessment and streamflow prediction
  • 2D and 3D flood modelling
  • Integrated water balance modelling for water supply and environmental control purposes
  • Hydraulic design of drainage and water management structures
  • Erosion and sediment control analysis and design


Our philosophy is that water is a critical resource. Therefore, we have developed an extensive field of practice resourced by experts from complementary areas including mining services, dam engineering and seismology.

  • Our water management work in the mining sector is coupled with our tailings management expertise to characterise containment integrity as well as water supply availability.
  • We actively link to the dam engineering group offering a full design service for water dams, as well as water supply reliability assessment, tailings water management and design of water management structures and appurtenance works. At all times, we work to encourage a congenial relationship between the environment, the community and industry.

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Client partnerships in the mining and resources sectors receive utmost attention to practical, innovative, and cost-effective strategies and designs to assist in water management and water supply needs.


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Discover our extensive water management solutions for mining, resources and government projects around the world.

KAZ Minerals
Aktogay copper mine is located in the eastern region of Kazakhstan. Tailings production is 50 Mtpa which shall increase to 60 Mtpa in 2025 from two tailings plants.
Tailings Management, Water Management
Central Asia
KAZ Minerals
Since 2009, ATC Williams has been engaged by KAZ Minerals to provide design studies and ongoing technical support during operation and construction within the tailings, civil, geotechnical, water and mechanical fields for their Tailings Storage Facilities (TSFs).
Tailings Management, Water Management
Central Asia

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