Aktogay Tailings Storage Facility

Tailings Storage Facility Design and CTD


KAZ Minerals




2012 - Current

Central Asia

Aktogay copper mine is located in the eastern region of Kazakhstan. Tailings production is 50 Mtpa which shall increase to 60 Mtpa in 2025 from two tailings plants.

An Option Study, Life of Mine Study and Basic Design of the TSF was undertaken in 2012 followed by Detailed Design of Stage 1. A Central Thickened Discharge (CTD) scheme was proposed for the tailings deposition into the TSF to be used over the Life of Mine.

— Features and solutions

Since commissioning of the TSF in 2017, ATC Williams has provided technical support during Operation and Construction, including:

  • Water Balance model and updates
  • Operation Manual and updates
  • Monthly Tailings Deposition updates
  • Supplementary geotechnical investigation
  • Detailed Design of Stage 2 and Phases 1-1, 1-2, 2-1 and 2-2 of Stage 3
  • QA/QC Site Supervision during construction
  • Annual Surveillance Audits

In addition, Mechanical Design works were undertaken on different tasks, as below:

  • Tailings delivery pipelines
  • Tailings pump station design and upgrade
  • Tailings distribution system
  • Decant return water system (pumps and pipelines).

Operation procedures for the management of tailings and return water systems are continuously being modified considering the actual performance of the tailings deposition.

Life of Mine studies of the TSF were recently updated following the expansion and increase in tailings throughput of the TSF. ATC Williams is preparing a new annual construction plan for the purpose of long-term planning.


  • 50 Mtpa tailings production in Central Thickened Discharge (CTD) scheme which shall increase to 60 Mtpa
  • Tailings and decant return water system management in variable extreme conditions (-40˚C to +40˚C)
  • Technical support during operation and construction continuously since 2017
  • Mechanical design for tailings delivery, decant return water and tailings pump stations
  • QA/QC site supervision during construction works

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