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ATC Williams’ Slurry and Mechanical Engineering Group provides leading design and project optimisation services for tailings handling and dewatering, slurry and mine water transportation systems.

Our team is staffed by experienced engineers, specialising in the process, hydraulics, and mechanical design fields. This expertise is uniquely supported by the ATC Williams laboratory, with specialist testing methods for slurry and water flow characterisation.

— Our Expertise

Safety and efficiency form a nexus within the slurry and mechanical engineering process. Our practice works across the range of tailings containment solutions, seeking to achieve fit-for-purpose outcomes. Advocacy for thickened tailings solutions, where deemed appropriate, creates opportunity to improve containment reliability, storage efficiency and environmental upside through water conservation.


Based in our Melbourne Office, the Slurry and Mechanical Engineering Group offers a full engineering service for tailings slurry and mine water handling systems including:

  • Options assessment, design and optimisation of tailings handling dewatering, transportation, and distribution systems
  • Unthickened, thickened, and filtered tailings mechanical infrastructure
  • Pipeline and open channel design
  • Process control system design
  • Capital and operational costing
  • Equipment selection and procurement
  • Construction and commissioning


ATC Williams’ offering is highlighted by the integration of skills across the range of service areas, reflecting values that centre on cost efficiency, safety, and environmental performance.

These values recognise that:
  • Slurry engineering is an integral part of tailings management and water management systems throughout the life of any mining project 
  • Troubleshooting of tailings management systems is a speciality, from the perspective of slurry delivery as well as post-deposition
  • As the use of dewatered tailings continues to improve safety for containment and water conservation, we take a holistic view in developing the most suitable arrangement for tailings management 
  • System performance is fundamental to our involvement; tailings/slurry behaviour aligned to overall water balance and water supply demands are significant to risk profiling and costs to optimise performance outcomes
  • The Slurry and Mechanical Engineering Group specialises in the planning, design, and implementation of thickened tailings discharge, filtration, and dry-stack (filtered tailings) systems, offering cost savings and lower risk profile 
  • ATC Williams fund research specific to tailings (slurry) and its associated aspects, enabling all client projects to benefit from evolving engineering methods 
  • Our approach targets water conservation, containment efficiencies and improved safety

— Partnership Focused

Strong partnerships with our mining clients around the world are built on our clear understanding of needs developed through years of experience and investment into knowledge.


Please explore our Service Area factsheet to learn more.

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Sadegh Javadi Rudd
Tailings Transport and Mechanical Engineering Technical Community Lead / Principal Engineer

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Discover our extensive slurry and mechanical engineering solutions for mining, resources and government projects around the world.

KAZ Minerals
The Bozshakol is a large copper mine located in Northern Kazakhstan. It has estimated reserves of 1.17 billion tonnes of ore grading 0.36% copper.
Slurry & Mechanical Engineering, Tailings Management
Central Asia
Aeris Resources
Cracow Gold Operation (CRO) is an established high-grade, low-cost gold mine located near the township of Cracow, approximately 500km northwest of Brisbane.
Slurry & Mechanical Engineering, Tailings Management
Australia/New Zealand
Larsen & Tourbo
Saudi Arabia
The Mansourah-Massarah Gold Project is an open-pit mine located in the Central Arabian Gold Region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, approximately 200km southeast of Riyadh.
Slurry & Mechanical Engineering, Tailings Management
Middle East
MMG Limited
Rosebery Mine is approximately 300 kilometres northwest of Hobart and 125 kilometres south of Burnie. The mine is 100% owned by MMG Limited and has been operating continually for over 85 years.
Slurry & Mechanical Engineering, Tailings Management
Australia/New Zealand

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