Closed Landfill Site Assessments and Rehabilitation Designs

Closure of multiple landfill sites


Toowoomba Regional Council




December 2017 - September 2018

Australia/New Zealand

Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) were faced with the challenge of meeting regulatory and community expectations regarding the closure and rehabilitation of 28 closed landfill sites (many inherited from pre-local-government amalgamations) as well as rationalising fill-planning for the remaining nine regional operational sites.

— Features and solutions

Our Waste and Resource Recovery team developed and implemented a targeted, phased scope of work (that extended beyond ‘Stage 1’ through to the construction phase).

The project required our team to successfully implement project and stakeholder management to deliver all the project elements, including:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Geo-environmental site investigations
  • Environmental Risk Assessment (incl. groundwater and landfill gas)
  • Site end-use workshops (including cost/benefit analysis)
  • Concept & Detailed Design
  • Closure & Post Closure Management Plans
  • Fill plans (operational sites)
  • Guidance, support and training of site operational staff and closure contractors during construction QA roles

Project challenges that our team successfully overcame included:

  • A relatively short time frame and a large number of sites
  • Balancing internal and external stakeholder viewpoints on end-use of specific sites and allowing flexibility on potential end-use on others
  • Designing around planned infrastructure construction (transfer stations) at several sites
  • Several sites with complex geo-environmental and geotechnical issues affecting design and end-use
  • Delivery of innovative capping design (use of Phytocap and geosynthetics where this was more appropriate) developed in close collaboration with TRC personnel


  • Phased closure of 28 landfill sites
  • Short time frames
  • Balancing stakeholder interests
  • Managing complex god-environmental and geotechnical issues
  • Delivering innovative capping design

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