The Groundwork

Celebrating our long term relationship with Sunshine Coast Council

A Strategic Approach to Waste Management

ATC Williams has enjoyed an enduring relationship with Sunshine Coast Council since 1998. Our connection began with the then Maroochy Shire Council, assisting across a range of waste management projects. At that time, Council was pursuing a long-term strategy for managing a solid waste stream from an ever-increasing population backlit by the promise of emerging waste technologies.

In 2021, as we view Council’s achievements across the waste management spectrum, the foresight and cautious initiative adopted at that time have created a successful foundation for the future. The commitment to responsible and sustainable practices over this period has been a feature of the Council’s insightful approach. Particularly as the industry has continued to refine its identity in the face of environmental influences such as resource conservation and climate change.

Nambour Landfill Development as a model for success

A flagship project for Sunshine Coast Council has been the Nambour Landfill Development. Initially a small rural facility, a master plan providing long-term waste disposal at the Nambour site was completed by ATC Williams in 2000. In 2001, environmental approvals were secured for development to achieve a life span of up to twenty years. The opportunity offered by this expansion was to encapsulate the former landfill and to introduce appropriate environmental controls, such as engineered liners and improved stormwater management systems. The landfill was constructed over six stages, with the final stage now nearing completion.

With a new adjoining landfill planned for the future, ATC Williams can now reflect on our contributions to the Nambour Landfill project and particularly on the relationship that we have enjoyed with Council over this period. We view the outcome with great satisfaction as a demonstration of a sound strategic approach to waste management in the region. A reminder of success is evident when comparing the final landform envisaged in 2000 with the evolved landform, as shown below.

Left: as envisaged in 2000. Right: evolved landform

Our thanks to Council for the opportunity to be part of this journey and the support provided throughout the project. Congratulations must also go to the Council’s landfill contractor, JJ Richards, who was instrumental in achieving this long-term vision.

An exciting but challenging future for waste management

The future of the waste management industry is one of the exciting challenges. Along with many local governments across Australia, Sunshine Coast Council will continue to confront a changing waste management setting. The strengthening of community expectations and environmental performance targets is transposing values and mindsets, as these are being pushed hard against economic constraints. We ponder whether the pressures of such changes are stronger now than at any time over the past 20 years. As we cast our thoughts to the next generation, we can reflect on Council’s achievements at the Nambour Landfill and may well set our compass to these outcomes.

ATC Williams has set goals for future involvement in the waste management field. With over 30 dedicated waste management professionals based in Brisbane and Maroochydore, our target is to remain the largest waste management service provider on the east coast of Australia and continue to grow our expertise and deliver efficiency across all aspects of the industry.

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