The Groundwork

Sunshine Coast Office Celebrates 5 Years

Nick Brown, Office Manager and Principal Engineer, reflects on the rapid growth and highlights of the last five years since opening the ATCW Sunshine Coast office.


Looking back at our growth


The Sunshine Coast office was established with confidence, a little know-how, outstanding support from the Brisbane Leadership team and a whole heap of grit and will to make this opportunity work.

At the beginning of 2018, an office of 17 staff overlooking Maroochydore Beach was not in any short or medium-term business strategies. However, thanks to much planning, strategising and collaborating over the last five years, here we are today.

It is refreshing to look back on how far we have come. Like having a new baby, we were hammered every day at the beginning and had many sleepless nights. Initially, we grew due to our expertise in civil waste infrastructure projects such as transfer stations, material recovery and organic waste facilities.

From there, we stepped into mine infrastructure projects, which allowed us to undertake extensive flood studies and excel in surface water management. Now, we include Mine Closure services, which provide material balance, capping and water management analysis.








Leadership and Delivery Capabilities


The Engineering section consists of three areas: Gavin Reeves is the Team Leader of Waste, Matt Johnson is the Team Leader of Water, and Joel Eadie is the Team Leader of Mining. Mark Hawkins joined us last year and leads a geotechnical sub-team.


Our young engineers are generally assigned a team based on their interests. We focus on ensuring all members have more than just one feather in their hat, which also helps with resourcing projects. This structure has provided the office with opportunities and delivery capabilities of a broader skill set.


These include Mine Closure, Landform Evaluation Modelling, Dams, Mine Infrastructure, Waste Infrastructure, Landfill Design, Geosynthetic Liner Construction Quality Assurance, Ground Engineering, Flood Modelling and Surface Water Management, to name a few.


Our project delivery structure is explained below:



Learn more about the Sunshine Coast team


So, what has gotten us to where we are today, you may ask?

It could be summed up as a bit of luck, with a whole lot of sweat, tears, love and support. Add to this a list of great clients who appreciate a design methodology that adopts a logical approach to balancing cost against risk while protecting the environment and delivering efficient operational outcomes.


Our foremost achievements would be:

  • Holistically, our Engineering and Design Team has a competitive edge
  • We are proud to provide a cost-effective, conclusive approach for Mining Operations and Mine Closure
  • Collectively, we have delivered more civil waste infrastructure projects than any engineering office in Australia
  • We are surface water and landfill experts


To all who have journeyed with us since 2018, we say a huge thank you.


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