The Groundwork

ATC Williams designs award-winning waste management facility

Congratulations to the ATC Williams Queensland team on delivering an award-winning waste management project for Toowoomba Regional Council. The project has won two awards from the Queensland Branch of the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEAQ). The new Kleinton Waste Management Facility took top spots in the Environment and Sustainability category and the $10 million to $20 million project category.

TRC Infrastructure Committee Chair Cr Carol Taylor reported, “The annual IPWEAQ Awards program recognises the work that engineering professionals provide for the good of their communities. It recognises private and public organisations and individuals who demonstrate best practice, innovation and positive community impact in public works projects across Queensland.”*

An agile response to complex needs

ATC Williams was responsible for the design and construction supervision of the transfer station redevelopment. A challenging aspect of this project was the timing constraints, as Council wished to deliver an operating facility before Christmas 2020. The proposed transfer station development also included rehabilitation of the existing landfill. Concept design began in January 2019. Over the following months Development Approval, Operational Works Approval, Building Works Approval, Plumbing Works Approval, Queensland Fire Emergency Services Approvals, and DES review were completed. The design was out for construction tender by September 2019.

A challenging aspect of this project involved staging the construction works to allow the existing onsite waste transfer activities to be available to the public throughout the entire construction phase. ATC Williams’ expertise in civil waste infrastructure design and construction project management was invaluable throughout the construction process. The team was able to guide and educate the Council and contractor on why various facility components were designed and implemented in a particular way. This depth of industry knowledge is due to extensive and long-term experience in the solid waste sector.

Exceeding environmental targets

Overall, an outstanding achievement considering the scope of works and time constraints. ATC Williams streamlined the approval process by providing detailed engineering plans and consultant reports with only minor amendments required following local and state authority review. The proposed design exceeds environmental targets and improves operational efficiencies by reducing transfer times and enhancing sorting capability.

A fifty-year vision

The transfer station opened to the public on 10 December 2020. It is set on a 16 ha land parcel that provides more than 4,000 m² of roofed waste sorting and recovery opportunities. The facility is designed to service the surrounding growth communities for the next fifty years, ensuring Toowoomba achieves waste deferrals targets while protecting the surrounding environment.

A concept design 3D Fly-through of the facility is available here

*Source: Toowoomba Region

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