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Prepare projects for success with robust Geotechnical Investigation Solutions

At ATC Williams, we understand the critical role that thorough and expertly conducted geotechnical investigations have in the success of any project. Our comprehensive and practical approach ensures an appropriate depth of site investigation with the engagement of experienced senior professionals.


We understand the needs and challenges of our clients and offer a complete suite of geotechnical investigation, testing, and design services. Our team, comprised of engineers and geologists, is fluent in design language. We take pride in the quality of our work and swift turnaround times.



Meet Our Key Geotechnical Team


Yuqi Tan
Technical Community Leader / Associate Engineer



Chris Taylor
Senior Associate Engineering Geologist



Colin Jenner
Associate Engineer



Glen Burton
Newcastle Office Manager / Principal Engineer



Robin Trounce
Experienced Engineering Geologist



Mitchell Connor
Engineering Geologist



Peter Reid
Principal Engineer



Christian Dodge
Associate Engineer




Julia Crepin
Experienced Engineering Geologist





Innovative Ground Investigation Solutions


We offer a complete range of innovative and quality solutions that prepare your projects for success. Our solutions include:


  • Investigation planning and design
  • Geological mapping and modelling
  • Geotechnical drilling and test pit excavation
  • Geophysical testing
  • Field testing encompassing various techniques including but not limited to:
    • Vane Shear
    • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (Panda and standard)
    • Standard Penetration
    • Cone Penetration Testing (standard and seismic)
    • Dilatometer
    • Packer Permeability (Lugeon)
    • Pumping Tests
    • Constant and Falling Head Permeability
    • Mass Infiltration Permeability (Soakaway)
    • Point Load Index
    • Plate Load
    • Borehole Shear
  • Instrumentation design, installation, and monitoring



– Fissure Mapping


We strive to deliver maximum value for our clients by negotiating with contractors to refine techniques and optimise the program. Our approach to selecting geotechnical investigation methods is comprehensive and robust. We consider site conditions, the necessity for in-situ testing, instrumentation requirements, and specific project needs. Our clients appreciate our attention to providing regular check-ins and progress reports throughout the investigation process.



Featured left to right: Rock Joint Mapping by Photogrammetry, 3D Geological Modelling




Our Geotechnical Investigations are done right from the outset.


At ATC Williams, we take pride in our commitment to quality, efficiency and client satisfaction at all stages of the project lifecycle.


Clients who choose ATC Williams benefit from the in-house testing services provided by our NATA-accredited laboratory and deep knowledge base of mine tailings and soft soil characterisation. We maintain long-standing relationships with universities and other laboratories to extend our testing capabilities. All laboratory testing adheres to AS1289 standards, with project-specific standards applied as required.

Our field investigations and lithological descriptions are conducted by our team of experienced professionals following AS1726. The result is accurate and reliable geotechnical and geological assessments that minimise project risks.


From left to right: Mitchell Connor (Engineering Geologist) shear vane testing, Air Drilling Classification.


The local knowledge our staff has accumulated over several decades is complemented by solid principles of soil and rock mechanics for precise assessment and interpretation. Our expertise allows for cost-effective and safe design solutions, preventing the unnecessary expense of over-engineering for worst-case scenarios.


Our clients leverage our team’s expertise to ensure the integrity and longevity of civil construction, infrastructure, and resource sector projects.




Prepare your next project for success with our expert Geotechnical Investigation solutions.


Download our Geotechnical investigation solutions capability page.

Contact Yuqi Tan to learn more:  +61 3 8587 0900

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