Noosa Landfill Closure

Master planning of Landfill Closure


Noosa Shire Council




2019 - 2022

Australia/New Zealand

ATC Williams undertook Landfill Master planning, Cell Vertical Expansion and Capping Detailed Design and Construction Quality Assurance.

Noosa Shire Council (NSC) engaged ATC Williams to undertake the concept design of their final landfill cells, Cells 3.1, 3.2 & 3.3. During the initial phases of the design, it was identified that the master planning of Noosa’s Eumundi Road landfill was the best pathway forward to ensure adequate space, material resources, environmental controls, and infrastructure over the next 20 years. A primary outcome of the master planning was the realisation that if construction of the final cells proceeded, insufficient space would remain on-site for waste operations and stockpiling of materials. Additionally, existing landfill infrastructure would require upgrades to ensure sufficient capacity for developing new landfill cells.

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ATC Williams undertook Landfill Master planning, Cell Vertical Expansion and Capping Detailed Design and Construction Quality Assurance. The master planning process identified that Noosa had significant remaining airspace (+10 years) within the existing landfill footprint if a vertical expansion cell was constructed to straighten the southern batter. Also highlighted through master planning was the need for NSC to undertake significant capping works to avoid the construction of a new leachate tank farm and to reduce the environmental risk of the entire site.

Master planning of the landfill included a site material bank assessment, which identified in-excess of 150,000m³ of soil is required to be imported to the site to complete the landfill to the ultimate landform. This analysis enabled the council to choose a bituminous geomembrane liner (BGM) for capping works to reduce the cap layer thickness and allocate areas on-site dedicated to the stockpiling of general fill for future capping works. The site is impacted by potential acid sulfate soil (PASS) material. Construction of the BGM liner is set to commence near the end of this year.

ATC Williams has completed detailed design and CQA for a couple of BGM liners across Queensland. This reinforces our agility to embrace technological advances, as only a handful have been constructed in Australia to date. The BGM liner represents a significant cost saving to NSC over alternate liner designs and demonstrates project cost saving for their clients.

Through the master planning process Council has saved millions of dollars in capital works costs and enabled a development sequencing program to be implemented, allowing both operational and council staff to work towards a set timeline. The master plan provides accurate budgeting of both costs and material resources. The process involved significant analysis, review and engagement of operations staff, development sequencing and relocation of an existing surface water discharge point to improve the environmental outcomes for the adjoining highly sensitive bushland.

ATC Williams has completed a detailed design for the vertical liner and Stage 2 capping works (some 4ha of BGM cap). The CQA for in BGM cap will be staged commencing at the end of 2022.

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