Yarraman Waste Management Facility

TRC Waste Infrastructure Plan


Toowoomba Regional Council




2019 - 2022

Australia/New Zealand

In December 2018, ATC Williams won a tender to assist Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) with the design and construction of 11 transfer stations across the Toowoomba region as part of the TRC Waste Infrastructure Plan.

Through strategic planning and site selection, Yarraman landfill was identified as having a small volume of airspace remaining but suitable for use as a future transfer station. The Yarraman Waste Management Facility was completed in June 2022.

— Features and solutions

The initial challenge for this project was to design a transfer facility that satisfied the council’s goals of catering for both 30m³ and 60m³ skip bins and providing additional screening and sorting of residual waste before final disposal. The facility layout was designed to have a long side of the Tipshop building open to enable one worker to attend the gatehouse while also servicing the Tip Shop.

In order to achieve stormwater management requirements, a stormwater quality improvement pond was installed. The pond mitigates peak flows, improves the quality of site surface water, and provides stored water for dust suppression and irrigation.

During the community consultation period, Council received great feedback from the local community, who identified that the layout suited the site and provided adequate storage and a logical journey to dispose of all waste streams.

The Yarraman Waste Management Facility is the first Tier 5 facility designed for Toowoomba Regional Council. The facility achieves the same functionality as Toowoomba’s larger facilities, ensuring customers are provided with numerous opportunities to reuse and recycle their waste.

A Concept 3D Visualisation of the proposed facility is available upon request.


  • Small Regional Transfer Station, cost-effective design
  • Catering for both 30m³ and 60m³ skip bins
  • Stormwater control pond providing water quality improvement, detention and water supply for irrigation and dust suppression
  • Through Local Community input, the proposed facility was designed to suit targeted waste streams and storage requirements while maintaining the council’s functionality criteria

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