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Technical Journey: Highlights from our Annual Technical Seminar

In August, we held our 23rd Annual Technical Seminar, an internal, live and virtual event that unites staff from across Australia to disseminate and share knowledge.

The two-day seminar features presentations on the first day and workshops on the second day. Each year, the technical seminar is a vital opportunity for ATC Williams to share knowledge among staff to ensure excellence in service delivery to our clients locally and internationally.




Day One

First on the agenda were presentations related to business and operations, followed by technical topics and an overview of our projects. Presentations included workplace safety, geotechnical investigation best practices, and the effects of embankment heights on seismically induced deformations. There were plenty of opportunities to be inspired by the work of our colleagues and gain new insights.


Day Two

There were eleven workshops to choose from, and staff could attend multiple sessions. The workshops were delivered chiefly by our in-house experts supported by a couple of external trainers. Topics provided included 3D MUK Modelling, Critical State Soil Mechanics for Tailings, Design Flood Estimation, Numerical Modelling 101, Proposal Preparation, Quantitative Risk Assessment, Sample Preparation and Lab Testing.








Roberto Cier (Associate Engineer) presented a Numerical Modelling session alongside our Chief Technical Officer Behrooz Ghahreman-Nejad.


“This session was the perfect opportunity to review the most important considerations when developing numerical models in the engineering consulting industry. I’ve enjoyed each of the sessions we’ve had in our two days of technical seminars and workshops. It’s been amazing to see how my colleagues share their different experiences and knowledge, promoting our technical excellence and fostering collaboration during the process.”

– Roberto Cier (pictured below)




Arezoo Farhadi (Principal Engineer) presented on Dams Safety Quantitative Risk Assessment.


We explored regulatory contexts, diverse risk assessment methods and their applications, and the art of life safety risk estimation, integration, and evaluation.
It’s heartwarming to see how the subject resonated with colleagues across our offices throughout Australia. The positive feedback and engagement have been truly humbling. This experience has reaffirmed my passion for fostering knowledge-sharing and professional growth. I’m immensely proud of the impact this workshop has made and can’t wait to continue contributing to the field of risk assessment.”

Arezoo Farhadi (pictured below)





A huge thank-you goes to all the participants, facilitators, and contributors who made this event a resounding success, marking another milestone on our journey of excellence.

— Client Log In

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