Our people form our most powerful asset. Nothing is more important than their safety and wellbeing.

At ATC Williams, the safety and well being of our staff is of paramount importance. We are committed to providing a safe workplace, and encourage sharing of this culture with those who we work with. We also value and support our client’s views on safety, and employ effective Safety in Design practices to uphold our client’s safe working environment.


The environment is one of our key drivers in design with the aim to eliminate or minimise any harmful impacts.

We recognize that disturbance occurs as a result of the projects with which we are involved. Notwithstanding, we maintain strong values for protecting the integrity of the project environment. This requires commitment to understanding of environmental risk, and compels us to underpin all of our engineering by assessing and minimizing environmental impact, and enhance long term environmental sustainability.


We recognise that the impact we have is both short and long term with the employment in the regions we work in and the rehabilitation of land.

ATC Williams’ is established within an ethical framework of social responsibility that upholds our obligation to act for the benefit of society at large. We accept that social responsibility is a duty every individual has to perform to maintain a balance between the economy and the environment, as well as to protect the welfare of those affected by development. We empathise particularly with local communities, and actively support these communities.


We take a systematic approach to Quality in everything we do. Quality is not just something we aim to achieve - it is what defines us, and how we differentiate ourselves within our market sectors.

Our attitude to Quality is motivated by a firm commitment to providing solutions to our clients which when correctly put in place are technically appropriate, fit for purpose and socially responsible. In order to formalise these commitments, we are in the final development stages of a Quality Management System which will utilise the Process Approach and Quality Management principles contained in ISO 9001:2015 to enhance our ability to continually improve.

Management of Quality is the responsibility of each individual member across the full range of our consulting activities. We recognise that a procedural system of itself will not deliver to our clients our stated management aims; only people can do this. We are confident that the knowledge, work skills, continuing professional education and dedication of our people will contribute to the assurance of Quality in all the services we perform.