Understanding the materials involved in your project is the fundamental basis for our designs. It is this knowledge which enables us to develop uniquely tailored solutions and produce optimal designs at minimum cost.

Laboratory Testing

ATC Williams places significant emphasis on understanding how geotechnical factors influence your individual project’s requirements. So much so that we have established our own NATA accredited testing laboratory in Melbourne to achieve maximum effect on every design we produce.

We offer:

Soil Testing (to AS1289, ASTM or other localised standards)

The ATC Williams Laboratory is equipped to carry out a full range of standard soil classifications and testing procedures in accordance with the Australian Standard for “Testing of Soils for Engineering Purposes” (AS1289) or to other standard methods such as the international ASTM standard. Couple this with thorough client project liaison and ATC Williams can determine the most appropriate and effective combination of laboratory and field testing necessary to offer maximum support to your individual project needs.

Please follow this link for further information - Soil Testing (to AS1289, ASTM or localised standards)

Specialised Tailings Testing

ATC Williams have been testing mining tailings for over 20 years and have a substantial database of test results, many of which have been calibrated against subsequent field conditions. This expertise enhances our ability to extrapolate data from laboratory to site and enables us to confidently predict tailings behaviour. Many of these tests require sound professional judgement for the results to be meaningful. ATC Williams has both the competency and experience to assess the testing procedures and provide an accurate interpretation of the results.

Please follow this link for further information - Specialised Tailings Testing

Transport Moisture Limit (TML) Testing

Since 1988 over 20 incidents of liquefaction of solid bulk cargoes in transit have been suspected to be the cause of bulk carriers capsizing. The resulting loss of lives and resources called for a review of the international maritime legislation concerning the export of metal ores and concentrates. Over the last few years ATC Williams have worked towards perfecting and then further developing the Flow Table and Proctor Fagerberg tests required to ensure the safety of bulk cargo carriers at sea.

Please follow this link for further information - Transportable Moisture Limit Testing

Rheology and Pipe-Loop Testing

Tailings characteristics, material rheology and flow behaviour is of critical importance and unique for all tailings types. When designing a slurry transport system it is recommended suitable materials testing be carried out in order to design a site specific optimised solution which will provide system longevity and in turn provide long-term savings. ATC Williams offer a full range of testing services in regards to hydraulic slurry transportation including rotational rheology and pipe-loop testing.

Please follow this link for further information - Rheology and Pipe-Loop Testing

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John Walker

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Mark Dillon

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